Seminar in Image Analysis and AI - Fall 2015

This weekly seminar will focus on broad research issues in image analysis, computer vision, and pattern recognition, artifical intelligence and robotics.  The purpose of the seminar is to provide the participants with the understanding of current research in these areas, as well as to promote greater awareness and interaction between multiple research groups within USF and in Tampa Bay area.

The format of the course is informal. Scheduled presentation by participants and invited speakers are followed by question and answer period. The seminar is open to all students interested in image analysis research. Faculty and researchers interested in the image analysis are invited to attend.

8/24/2015  organizational meeting link
8/31/2015  Professor Paul Rosen on his research in visualization  
9/7/2015  Labor Day - no seminar   
9/14/2015  Sam Hawkins and Ben Geiger, "Predicting malignant lung nodules from NLST screening CTs"  
9/21/2015  Fillipe Souza, "Video Event Analysis Using Pattern Theory"  
9/28/2015  Hamid Farhidzadeh, "Analysis of Soft Tissue Tumors in MRIs: Case study Soft  Tissue Sarcomas"  
10/5/2015  Parham Phoulady , "Histopathology Image Segmentation with Hierarchical Multilevel Thresholding"  
10/12/2015  Earnest Hansley, "Dynamic Decision Fusion using SIFT and PCA Ear Biometric Results"  
10/19/2015  Dmitry Cherezov, "Cloud based systems in medical imaging" (NOTE: ENC 3006)  
10/26/2015  Kristina Contino, "Applying DNA prediction features to facial modeling and reconstruction"  
11/2/2015  Renhao Liu, "Exploring deep features in brain MRI images". "  
11/9/2015  Ghada Alzamzmi, "Assessing infants pain using signal processing and machine learning approaches"  
11/16/2015  Rahul Paul,  "3D slicer based lung field segmentation"  
11/23/2015  Pradyumna Ohja, "Emotional Expression Classification: A case study using Time-Series Kernels"  
11/30/2015 Parham Phoulady, Algorithms for Cell Detection and Segmentation in Microscopy Images"  
   Semester ends   

updated 8/27/2015